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District Rules and Regulations

Walker River Irrigation District evaluated and revised its Bylaws, Rules & Regulations in February 2017. A link to a PDF version is available on this site. To request a hardcopy or for any comments/questions/concerns, please visit the office at 410 N Main Street or call (775) 463-3523.

Download WRID Bylaws Rule and Regulatuions

Bylaw Table of Contents:
I Name
II Divisions
III Directors and Officers
IV Vacancies
V Office
VI Monthly Meeting
VII Quorum
VIII Amendments
IX Order of Business
X Duties of Officers
XI Agents and Employees
XII Assessments and Tolls
XIII Irrigation Season
XIV Distribution of Storage Water
XV Revision of Apportionment of Benefits

Rules & Regulations Table of Contents:
Regulation No. 1 - Definitions
Regulation No. 2 – Land Division and Records
Section 2.1.1
Section 2.1.2
Section 2.1.3
Section 2.1.4
Section 2.1.5
Section 2.1.6
Section 2.1.7
Section 2.2
Section 2.3
Section 2.4
Regulation No. 3 – Basis for Charges
Regulation No. 4 – District Office Hours
Regulation No. 5 – Ordering of Water
Section 5.1 District Processing of Orders

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